running orders.
webpage,facebook, live stream, program(1, 2).

♦ the organizers ask to share photos on the facebook page for the event
♦ a&c 2015 will be ITU Sao paulo brazil (open place). Clube de Cãompo – Hotel Fazenda para cães Rodovia SP 300 (Dom Gabriel Paulino Bueno Couto), km 94,5 – Itu/SP click.
♦ cacau (shetland medium from brazil) is retiring from agility
♦ non official results from yesterday by wilson bonilla from colombia (1, 2)’ the reverse order gives the running order for agility. we collect the results we hear (click).
♦ video from saturday, brazil
♦ course teams agility A&C large
♦: A&C teams medium: 1- brazil, 2- peru, 3- colombia
♦: A&C teams small: 1- brazil, 2- colombia, 3- usa
♦ Luciano Peccin & Dylan (argentina), Katia & Carol (brazil) y Rita bernardino & lucy (USA) are invited to take part of WAO 2015.
♦ orden de salida large
♦: A&C teams medium: 1- brasil, 2- peru, 3- colombia
♦: A&C teams small: 1- brasil, 2- colombia, 3- usa
♦: jumping A&C teams large: 1- colombia, 2- brasil, 3- usa
♦: jumping A&C teams medium: 1- brasil, 2- peru, 3- colombia
♦: jumping A&C teams small: 1- colombia, 2- brasil, 3- usa
♦ running order for open individual agility
♦ open teams large: 1- colombia (villalobos, ruiz, aranguren, gamba), 2- brasil (samy, tiago, aurelio, leandro)
♦ open teams small: 1- brasil (samir, paulo, renan, katia), 2- usa (karen holik, howard, denise), 3- colombia (diaz, michael, salazar, vega)
♦ open teams medium: 1- brasil (samy, aurelio, katia, vivy), 2- peru (lanata, carlini, romero, yomlian), 3- mixto brasil- chile (luciana, marcos victor, marcela, paola alfaro)
♦ course open teams agility (all heights)
♦ results jumping individual (click).
♦ open team medium: unofficially, brazil won jumping, agility and jumping + agility
♦ Open team small: unofficially, brazil (paulo, renan, samir, katia) won the jumping and jumping + agility for small dogs. In agility the first place was for usa's team with karen holik, howard & denise followed by brazil (paulo, renan, samir, katia) and the mixed team (brazil, mexico, guatemala).
♦ official complete results from grade 1
♦ course for jumping individual at the open (all heights)
♦ information collected by agility argentina at dropbox
♦ non official partial results (click). jumping teams large: 1- brazil (zezinho, marcela, paulo, fabio), 2- colombia (aranguren, villalobos, gamba, andres ruiz), 3- peru (barrios, frank li, roel medina), 4- brazil (samy, tiago, leandro, aurelio), 5- colombia (fabiola moscoso, cataño, aranguren). the fastest with no faults were zezinho & bona (brazil): 36.08 s. we don't have the time of the course so everything is without time faults.
Official results for teams small and medium. Small: 1- brasil, 2- chile, 3- usa, 4- colombia. Medium: 1- brasil, 2- peru, 3- mixto )guatemala, etc.), 4- mixto (brasil- chile)
♦ results from thursday for grade 1 facebook
official video for grade 1
♦ course from open team jumping (all heights).
♦ we will be adding courses and results to the pages we created as soonas we find them. we already uploaded the courses for grade 1.
♦ Spreadsheet for download that can be filled with the results (click); it is a first version in google drive but can be downloaded in severals formats and the idea is that anyone interested on it can take advantage of it (most times the results on the screens are only for the first positions and others may also want to see where they end even if they are not in the first places). The organization announced that they will share results, courses but it is not clear if it will be in real time.
♦ Photos from team USA (facebook: Americas Y El Caribe Team USA, eden heigel, marla friedler cooper). Coverage from brazil.
♦ registrations: Peru (49 registrations, host), colombia (38), brazil (34), USA (15), chile (10), argentina (10), mexico (5), guatemala (3), finland (1). all. There are 104 large, 26 medium, 36 small. 111 dogs at a&c, 125 at the open, 41 for grade 1 trials. Numbers must be updated because some dogs won’t arrive for different reasons. statistics
♦ during the event there is a promotional test for MDR1, TNS, CEA, NCL (.jpg).
♦ running order for the gran jumping : medium, small. There is no information for the moment for large.
♦ more information (brazil and chile) about importing dogs to peru slightly different to the information from the organization (facebook: 1, 2, 3). The webpage does not mention a tax of 98.6 soles (more or less 35 dollars) per dog that has to be paid (in soles) at the arrival at peruvian airport (facebook).
♦ details for importing and exporting dogs in peru unofficial translation to english, original version in spanish
judges for each course
♦ teams for A&C and open (under construction)
♦ 70% of the tickets will be donated to Albergue Municipal de La Molina (facebook).
♦ scheduling (veterinarian check, trainings, etc) on april 3 and following days
♦ el plazo para las inscripciones cierra el 17 de marzo (.jpg)
♦ according to brazilian, march 15-16 is the deadline for registrations and payments with credit card (facebook).
♦ the deadline for registrations has been postponed because the payment with credit card could not be confirmed yet (facebook).
lodging. the distances are to magdalena del mar (prior venue); we will try to recalculate everything.
♦ the webpage has changed. The page with the list of registrations has not been updated (non official registration list). An email & password are now required for registration.
♦ cleanrun’s article about the event (click).
♦ the deadline for registrations has been changed to february 28: .jpg (facebook from A&C Agility 2014 Peru)
♦ webpage with USA team (click).
♦ transport from miraflores to the stadium each day of the trial (facebook). It costs 12 dollars per day and reservations are made to the email to
event on facebook with information about the venue.
♦ the venue for the event is changed to the stadium from la molina (artifficial grass) in the southeast of lima. competition venue (google maps) distance from costa verde to the estadio (google maps). webpage from the municipality. stadium’s description amd photos on facebook
♦ payments method through western union. Up to the organizers there are some restrictions for some countries and the cost is only 4 %. It would be good to check because the taxes are not the same for every country (some countries have a 22 %)
Identity: 07025639
Address: Av Mariscal Miller No. 2649, Lince, Lima – Perú
Telephone: (511) 4411367/4411247/4411207
the proof of deposit has to be send via email to
The payment with visa & mastercard is delayed facebook
♦ artur pires (portugal- brazil) was named event director. pire’s letter: ‘One day I had a dream that we were organizing an Americas and Caribbean games, with more competitors than in a world cup. It was the recognition that the agility of the Americas had reached the top. Each of these championship can serve to make my dream come true one day’.
♦ fund raising page for usa’s team
♦ facebook from brazil’s team
♦ program in english, in spanish.
help in english for the form
♦ deadlines for registrations february 11 (march 8 is the second deadline but with an extra 10%). Deadline for registering teams: march 31.
♦ grade 1 dogs that access to a grade 2 during the grade 1 trials can take part of the A&C and/or open.
♦ TEAMS: for the A&C there can be only one team per country and category. For the open, each country can register as many teams as they want. if a country does not have enough dogs for a team, mixed countries teams will be allowed only for the open (not for the A&C).
♦ brazilian dogs qualified for the teams trials at A&C (click)
♦ the payment method for registration is with credit card visa. the registrations are open since a while but the payment begins on february 1 2014 (click).
♦ tamás tráj (hungary) judge of the EO 2014 is the other judge of the event (click). courses.
♦ jozef van eester (bwlgium) is one of the judges (.jpg) courses.
non official registration list updated frequently.
♦ the course will be on artificial grass in the open air (google maps)
pet importation, hotels
live stream
program (there will be an extra big jumping for all the grade 2-3 dogs). questions
♦ Surface: natural or artifficial grass.
♦ registration costs (click):

grado 1/grade 150 dollars

first dog second dog third dog
américa y caribe + open 150 dollars 130 dollars 80 dollars
open del américas y caribe 110 dollars 90 dollars 70 dollars

deadlines: february 11 is the first deadline and march 8 is the second one with an extra 10%
registration form.
♦ Facebook from the event and from team usa
♦ venue: Complejo Deportivo de Magdalena del Mar from municipio de magdalena del mar. Google maps.
♦ it will be at playa costa verde (magdalena del mar) on april 3-6 (facebook, google maps). Map with distances to lima’s international airport from google maps.